Energetic and Groovy

Born in the disco era of the 1970s, the Hustle is a lively and rhythmic dance that captures the spirit of its time. With its quick turns, flashy spins, and syncopated beats, the Hustle is all about having fun and feeling the music. Whether danced to classic disco hits or modern pop tunes, the Hustle remains a dance floor favorite, bringing joy and energy wherever it’s danced.

Music and Rhythm

Typical Instruments: Electric guitars, synthesizers, drums, and vocals.
Rhythm and Tempo: The Hustle is typically danced to music with a 4/4 time signature, characterized by its upbeat tempo and syncopated rhythms.

Dress Code

Traditional Attire: Reflecting its disco roots, men might wear flared pants and shiny shirts, while women often opt for sparkly dresses or outfits with fringe.
Recommended Attire: For classes, wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement. Dance shoes with a flexible sole are ideal for the Hustle’s dynamic steps.


Dance Lessons

A Hustle dance class is a burst of energy from start to finish. Dancers begin by learning the basic timing and footwork, progressing to intricate turns, spins, and partner-work. Instructors focus on musicality, leading and following techniques, and the fun, carefree attitude that defines the Hustle.


of Learning the Hustle

Physical Benefits

The Hustle offers a great cardiovascular workout, improving stamina and agility due to its fast-paced nature..

Mental Benefits

The quick steps and turns sharpen cognitive skills and improve memory as dancers remember patterns and sequences.

Social Benefits

The Hustle’s lively and social nature makes it a hit at parties, clubs, and dance events, ensuring dancers are always in high demand on the dance floor.


About the Hustle

Is the Hustle difficult to learn?

While the Hustle is energetic, its basic steps are accessible, making it suitable for beginners.

What type of music is suitable for the Hustle?

While classic disco tunes are popular, many modern pop and electronic songs with the right beat can also be danced as Hustle.

How is the Hustle different from other dances?

The Hustle stands out for its disco roots, upbeat tempo, and emphasis on having fun on the dance floor.

How long does it take to become proficient in the Hustle?

With regular practice, many students feel comfortable with basic Hustle steps within a few months. Mastery takes longer and varies based on individual dedication.