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Arthur Murray Hillsborough Dance Center

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and other frequently asked questions.

What should we wear for our first lesson?

We recommend you to wear something comfortable to move in, and close toed shoes.  No slip-ons or sandals

Do you need to have a partner to take dance lessons?

No, we have many students who enjoy dancing as a hobby and dancing with our professionals.

Can we come in on the weekends?

We are open on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.  We also teach Tuesday through Friday until 9:00 pm and are able to accommodate almost any schedule.

Do you offer parent dancing?

Social dancing is the cornerstone of Arthur Murray.  We can help with Father-daughter, Mother-Son, groomsman/bridesmaids, as well as general reception dancing to any song or style of music.

How long is the first session?

The complimentary lesson will be 30 – 40 minutes.  You will try out a social mix of dances.  For weddings you will try a few patterns that fit your song.

Do you teach group classes? How much are group classes?

We have many group classes.  Group classes are a part of our 3-tiered learning system.  As such they are included in all of our programs but are unavailable as a standalone option.



How much time do we need to work on our wedding dance?

We find the best wedding dances take at least 10 lessons.  But it depends on how elaborate you want your dance to be, and how comfortable you want to be on the dance floor.  We create your dance just for you and want to make sure you have time to make dancing the stress-free part of your big day.



What kind of shoes should I wear?

You want something that will move with your foot and won’t stick to the floor.  If you’re getting ready for a wedding, wear shoes like what you’d wear at the event. No slip-ons, sandals, or backless heels.



What Dance styles do you teach?

We teach all kinds of partner dancing, including many styles you might not have heard of.  If it’s a dance with a partner, we teach it. Browse common dance styles here.

Do you teach adults and kids?

Most of our clients are adults.  We also teach kids through a specialized kid’s program.

Do I need to have a first dance song picked out?

We personalize your wedding dance to your specific song.  So, while you don’t need to have it on the first day, we need to know it as soon as possible.