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We’re so confident in the Arthur Murray approach that we offer new student’s first lesson FREE!

New Student Offer

At Arthur Murray, we’ve developed a fool-proof teaching method to help you achieve your goals and learn to dance the quickest way possible.


For Every Occasion


Step into your new life with grace and confidence! Our Wedding Dance Program is tailored to ensure that couples shine on their special day. Whether it’s a choreographed first dance or just some basic steps, we’ll make sure your moments on the dance floor are unforgettable.


Dance the night away with our Social Dance Program! Perfect for those looking to add a touch of rhythm to their social outings or simply to enjoy the joy of dancing. From salsa nights to elegant ballroom events, we equip you with the moves to impress and express.


Challenge yourself and reach for the stars with our Competitive Dance Program. Designed for those with a fiery passion for dance, this program hones technique, style, and performance to prepare dancers for the competitive stage. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, we’ll help you dazzle the judges.


Rediscover the spark with our Couples Dance Program. A beautiful way for partners to connect, communicate, and grow together on the dance floor. Whether it’s a date night or a shared hobby, dancing together strengthens bonds and creates lasting memories.