A dance of grace and elegance, the Waltz glides across the floor with smooth, flowing movements. Its romantic turns and rises capture the essence of classic ballroom.


Vibrant and playful, ChaCha infuses Cuban rhythms with lively steps. Its catchy beat and cheeky character make it a favorite on the dance floor.


Combining both slow and quick steps, the Foxtrot is a smooth and stylish dance that captures the glamour of the 1930s. Its graceful sequences are a joy to perform and watch.


Born from the disco era, the Hustle is energetic and fun. With its fast turns and spirited moves, it’s a dance that truly embodies the lively spirit of the ’70s.


Fast-paced and exhilarating, the Quickstep is a whirlwind of hops, skips, and kicks. Its rapid tempo and intricate patterns make it a thrilling ballroom dance


Often termed the ‘dance of love’, Rumba is a sensual Latin dance with slow rhythms and hip movements that emphasize connection and emotion


Spicy and sizzling, Salsa is a fusion of Cuban and Puerto Rican rhythms. Its quick footwork and dynamic turns make it a staple in Latin dance clubs worldwide.


An energetic dance with roots in jazz and the big band era, Swing is all about lively hops, bounces, and spins. It’s a dance that truly swings to the beat!


Intense and passionate, Tango is a dramatic dance of sharp movements and deep connection. Its Argentine roots bring a mix of sensuality and precision.


Originating from the Dominican Republic, Merengue is characterized by its marching rhythms and hip sway. It’s a joyful dance that’s both fun and easy to learn.

Viennese Waltz

A faster version of the traditional Waltz, the Viennese Waltz whirls dancers around the floor with swift, rotating movements. It’s a dance of sophistication and speed.


Blending Spanish rhythms with Cuban motion, Bolero is a slow, romantic dance. Its controlled movements and deep emotion make it a beautiful expression of love.