Sensual Latin Dance

Rumba is a captivating and romantic dance that originated in Cuba, characterized by its slow, sensuous rhythms and fluid movements. It’s a dance of love and passion, often telling a story of flirtation and courtship. With its Afro-Cuban roots, Rumba is not just a dance but a celebration of cultural heritage, blending intricate footwork with rhythmic hip movements.

Music and Rhythm

Typical Instruments: The music for Rumba is typically played with Afro-Cuban musical instruments. The rhythm is inspired by son cubano, although it’s rhythmically and instrumentally distinct from Cuban Rumba.
Rhythm and Tempo: Rumba has a slow tempo and a smooth, romantic rhythm, often based on the bolero-son.

Dress Code

Traditional Attire: Traditional Rumba attire is often colorful and flamboyant, reflecting its Afro-Cuban roots.
Recommended Attire: Comfortable, casual clothing that allows for movement is recommended. For footwear, dance shoes or shoes with a smooth sole are ideal.


Dance Lessons

In a Rumba dance class, you can expect to learn the slow, sensuous movements characteristic of this dance. The focus is often on hip movements and achieving a romantic, flowing style. Classes typically start with basic steps and gradually move to more complex patterns.


of Learning Rumba

Enhances Rhythmic Skills

Rumba helps in understanding and internalizing complex rhythms.

Improves Coordination

The dance requires precise movements and coordination, especially in the hips.

Cultural Appreciation

Learning Rumba offers insight into Afro-Cuban culture and its musical traditions.


About Rumba

Is Rumba difficult to learn?

Rumba can be challenging for beginners, especially due to its rhythmic complexity, but with practice, it becomes more accessible.

What music is suitable for Rumba?

Rumba is typically danced to Latin music with a slow, steady beat. Songs with a romantic theme are often preferred.

Can Rumba be danced solo?

While traditionally a partner dance, some elements of Rumba can be adapted for solo dancing.

What's the difference between Ballroom Rumba and Cuban Rumba?

Ballroom Rumba, often called “Rhumba” in the United States, is a slower, more romantic dance, while Cuban Rumba is faster and more rhythmic, reflecting its folkloric and Afro-Cuban origins.